February 7, 2008

Exploring Europe on dire straits

I ran into the travel blog of Kris Mole, a guy just like you and me who travels around Europe.
So far, nothing out of the ordinary.

The catch is, he's doing it without spending a dime, not because he's cheap or anything, but because he just doesn't carry any. I'd like to think he doesn't believe in money, that there are things more important in life than a bunch of printed papers everyone gets crazy about. He's wondering around Europe, relying on the kindness of people instead, a much more valuable attribute.

By now he might look like a beggar to you, but he's not. He's raising awareness and more importantly, funds, to support cancer research, having been motivated to do so by his aunt who died because of it.

It's a very original way of doing it and I really admire him for having such guts to take on this adventure, that's why I encourage you to support him if you can. This goes especially to my Romanian friends that should check out his posts about Bucharest. I was really surprised to see what a good impression it has made on him :)

And if he gets to inspire any of you to do such crazy things, make sure you tell me about it :p


Diana SIMF said...

well..that´s something :-)..you don´t hear every day about people that do that...very interesting! Who knows? probably we´ll meet him if he comes to Lisbon :-)

Beijinhos :-)