May 23, 2008

Prague spring, what a symphony!

Prague spring, music festival that is, quite a famous festival of classical music here in CR and among connaiseurs worldwide. Of course, not given much credit by young people, international media or such other things, since last time i read the tabloids, P Diddy didn't take on playing the flute.

I've been last night to one of the many concerts in the beautiful Prague Municipal House, after a good tip from my colleague Ioan (yep, from Romania, Ion Creanga's home actually :) ). As usual, many fancy dressed people mostly overaged, but also quite a bunch of youngsters. While I personally don't understand why all the fuss for a music concert, I'm sad to see that this music isn't given much credit by the young people, as I noted in the beginning. The very classical bits can be indeed a bit obsolete, but I've heard a very modern piece by Wojciech Kilar, a Polish contemporary composer.

Here's a very impressive fragment of Orawa:

Honestly, I was quite impressed and I'm not a fan of symphonic orchestras in particular. For such kind of modern works, I'd definitely go more often.

When was the last time you've been to a live symphonic orchestra?

May 17, 2008

What makes Paris stand out

Well, actually, it's not this that makes it stand out in particular, but most of you might know already what the city is famous for, so for now I'll take you on a tour of interesting stuff we ran into while wondering through the streets of the most visited city in the world.

smart parking

"I forgot my spare battery home, may i please recharge my car?!"

1 mai muncitoresc

recognize him? Pope out of stripes

and the devil out of the stencil?!

this was inside a museum! - a heartstopping experience

new trends in parisian fashion: bio dress

flower supermarket, sheesh!

1st of may, Kurdish people easing their 20-30 admirers into comunism with some barbecue and oriental music

daca zice Gianmaria, asa o fi!

i hope you know french

actual shell with Holy water inside a Church

wonderful place near our hotel

martzipan (or sugar?!) figures in a candy shop, very realistic(plastic-wise) stuff

cake tops for gay weddings, nice adaptation

and, a really uninspired ad

May 6, 2008

Pulpe frate!

Pulpe si fictiune, bineinteles: