February 13, 2008

Art nouveau meets manga

I ran into the website/blog of Audrey Kawasaki, painter and erotic artist, as she's described on wikipedia, the artwork is quite amazing, although i could see it a bit commercial, to put it this way. The detail on the lips, eyes is remarkable though. You can take a look yourselves at her recent exhibition online - isn't the internet great?!

Really, if you come to think about it, it's wonderful to be able to see beautiful artwork from your comfy seat in front of the pc, without having to pay/visit galleries. Of course the artists deserve not only verbal recognition but also some $. I'd even be willing to pay for seeing some remarkable artist's online gallery.

Although, as far as I'm concerned, I'm too little preoccupied of enjoying art in front of the screen and it's a pity. I guess I'm not used to this but rather to the conventional way in which I actually go to some gallery as if that place alone gives some higher importance to the works of art. I've actually seen some horrible crap at the modern art musem in Prague and wondered how in the world they got to be there. For example, a guy spilling the guts of a sheep onto a naked girl. There were life size photos in b/w and color (the color were simply too hard to stand).

Coming back to the subject, there probably are lots of amazing works out there on the net. I'm going to start a new art label and try to fill it with what amazes me.


Alex said...

Chiar ca-s faine lucrarile