January 23, 2008

Fire you secretary now!

If you have one, that is, who knows what might happen.

January 11, 2008

Ran into this website today that takes you through a 20min crash course of consumerism in the world today and it's impact. It's packed with information and interesting to watch especially if you haven't given much thought to this until now.

There is a lot of optimism in the end which i kind of doubt. If I look at the world today, I'd say there are too little steps taken towards saving the planet and future generations.

But this can be the subject of another topic which i could write in the future.


January 10, 2008

EU air passenger rights

Because I've been through some rough times lately in the Vienna airport after having missed a flight because of the company's fault with no compensation whatsoever other than the free flight as soon as possible (12h in my case, and i should be happy because it was relatively little time) I'm going to show you your rights in case you didn't know them. They apply to all airlines operating on EU territory no matter if low cost on not. So don't be shy to request that you get what you should in case you find yourself in the situations described.

I still am not sure what rule should have been applied in my situation, I'm waiting for some answers from skyeurope and EU officials.
Also, for romanian speakers, this website has many useful tips for travelling low cost all around the world. It's worth checkin' out.

Happy flying to y'all this year!