October 7, 2008

The future is now

So it's all nice with all the eco friendly energy and all, but soon all this crap will obviously fail because nobody will afford it except the fancy-pansy, highly developed countries counting, what, 10% of the population?! What about all the rest who won't afford it? Well it's probably gonna be back to that seemingly never ending source of energy: good ol' nuclear power.

It's not to early to plan your future nuclear business, no sireey... say you'd want to forecast an eventual depletion of nuclear resources, or the half life of all that waste that will result from the processing?! Hire a bunch of phisicists (all over the place these days), pice of cake, right?! Well, it's not that simple, that dreaded Y10K is way closer than you'd think...

Gives you somethin' to chew over, doesn't it?