December 5, 2007

Couch surfing

Weird title huh?

It was my first reaction to this website when i first ran into it yesterday.
Until then, to me, the cheapest possible way of sleeping relatively safe within 4 walls in a distant location was finding some cheap hostel. Well, it seems there are cheaper, more interesting alternatives.

I actually had this idea on my mind, of how much good you can do someone by providing a place to sleep given the fact that the guest is a decent, well behaved individual. The problem was, how to trust someone you've never seen in your life?

Actually, trust is one of the biggest issue in the human world, if we would all trust each other there would be no need for 90% of the crap that makes life hard. But this might be worthy to discuss in another post.

This site, as i got to learn from a glance, has some kind of ratings for both hosts and guests. It's a really nice idea that would be worth a better site design.

So, before you set to explore Bahrain and worry about the sky high hotel prices, try this site and your new friend Jammal will probably wait for you in a customized limo to take you to his gorgeous mansion (these come with the citizenship over there).

Happy traveling!


Alex said...

See also a project where AIESEC contributes:

Irina said...

i actually tried Couchsurfing and it was really, really nice...well, not exactly a limo like you said but a really nice guy with a penthouse in the olimpic centre of Barcelona and a spectacular double view of the water and of all the old centre...and he went away and gave us the key for a week, hihi :) Really cool dude!
Oh, and I have also received guests but it wasn't that cool, lol. Although it's a story to tell, for sure !!!

Ovline said...

And there are a few ppl even in Focsani, nice!
Hehe, who knows, I might need a couch there sometime :)