November 22, 2006

Pozor, tram!

Isn't it ironic, don't u see...

It's like having a tram pass for two months
And never get checked.
Forget it once because of changing coats
And you're fucked.

Les controleurs...

The good thing in all this story is i got away with it eventually. The guy knew a bit of English, I tried explaining it was at home and I could get it for him, and that I had no id whatsoever.

Still he called a policeman in the station who didn't know any English, so I got as expressive as I could trying to show him I had nothing in my pockets and stuff. He probably thought of the trouble I would put him through if he were to take me to the Police (and about losing the morning dough nuts and coffee?)

Anyway, unlike in Iasi for example, I heard that here u only pay a small amount of money if you have a subscription but you don't have it with you, it's like 50CZK if you show it afterwards (cinzej'de mii) and also the controleurs seem to have kind of a human side. Anyway I still have a couple of unpaid fines in Iasi for similar things, so I refresh my message for those obtuse brutes: 'Screw you', the tram is also way much better and smoother here even though they look the same. I guess it's the tracks that matter, alllooooo primariaaaaaaaa Iasi, trezireeeeeaaaa...

Okay, mind that last part...

So I guess it's a lucky day after all, or I'd better see how it goes from now on.