November 17, 2006

Communism day ...

Tomorrow is a national holiday in CZ, the communism day, a reminder of what this meant for the Czech people for over 50 years and a 'don't try this ever again' kind of warning.

I think such an event is of great importance in order to raise awareness in the new generation and to remind the older ones about how things were during those times and maybe help them shake off some old habits and conceptions. As I heard there will be several activities taking place and AIESEC has a schedule for trainees as well.

The fall of the regime was peaceful in CZ with the velvet revolution and as far as I know the country didn't have such harsh times as Romania had and yet they show so much importance to what happened during those 50 years and I congratulate them for doing so.

There are much stronger reasons for Romania to have such a day to remember all the people (most of them young and brave enough to take the streets) who lost their lives in the revolution, instead nobody seems to give a damn about them and what they stood for.

I felt quite ashamed for not having such a commemoration in Romania and what's worse is that it only struck me when I heard about the events that are about to take place tomorrow here in CZ.

I guess we're much more used to forgetting where we come from and taking for granted everything we have now, always wanting more and more. We should never forget what happened then so that we won't make that mistake ever again and also we should be much more grateful for the country we have now and try to make things better.

If not now, in the near future this will be surely forgotten by the new generation, another page in the history book, but still such a recent and painful page.

We should do more to commemorate and shed light on the events that happened.

So, happy non-communist days to you all, try to make the best of them!