February 1, 2011

My neighborhood

Yep, my little planet, Namesti Miru, a first attempt at a polar panorama!!

If you wanna make your own, it can be fairly easy provided you have the right tools.
Here's how.
If you've watched the movie and want to get that action he mentioned (and you should), go here.
Also, highly recommended is to make use of the content aware fill feature in cs5 for filling up those empty spaces in your panorama, rather than cropping the image to fit a rectangle! It takes a few tries but it's worth the effort!

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Invidu said...

hehe, looks and sounds better than Planet Zizkov :)

Lucian Pricop said...

Super tare

Florin said...

Yep, but I was really thinking that doing this with a place in Zizkov would do justice to that shitty pub, Planeta Zizkov!
Maybe one with the Jan Zizka statue?!

light play said...

you should also try one in the spring, so that the trees are green. it's a very beautiful square.

Florin said...

Yep, actually one shot in each season would be cool, though quite challenging to find a sunny day in each season!
That's at least 4 sunny days for the whole year!!!

Coca_Maria said...

Foarte tare!!! ;)

Harshita Mordani said...

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