May 23, 2008

Prague spring, what a symphony!

Prague spring, music festival that is, quite a famous festival of classical music here in CR and among connaiseurs worldwide. Of course, not given much credit by young people, international media or such other things, since last time i read the tabloids, P Diddy didn't take on playing the flute.

I've been last night to one of the many concerts in the beautiful Prague Municipal House, after a good tip from my colleague Ioan (yep, from Romania, Ion Creanga's home actually :) ). As usual, many fancy dressed people mostly overaged, but also quite a bunch of youngsters. While I personally don't understand why all the fuss for a music concert, I'm sad to see that this music isn't given much credit by the young people, as I noted in the beginning. The very classical bits can be indeed a bit obsolete, but I've heard a very modern piece by Wojciech Kilar, a Polish contemporary composer.

Here's a very impressive fragment of Orawa:

Honestly, I was quite impressed and I'm not a fan of symphonic orchestras in particular. For such kind of modern works, I'd definitely go more often.

When was the last time you've been to a live symphonic orchestra?