March 25, 2008

Mushroom in the field

Czech people love their country. I don't know much about their level of patriotism so when I said country, i meant the country side, the land: pure, naked, unspoiled nature. Nothing compares to some quality time out in the nature for a Czech. You can see it in weekends when they go roaming through the forests, hiking, biking, roller blading. In autumn weekends Prague is mostly inhabited by tourists as much of the Czech folks go mushroom-frenzy in the nearby forests. I guess one of the crucial tests when applying for Czech citizenship is distinguishing between the various mushroom types.

The countryside is beloved to such extent that would make even the hobbits blush: one of the national tv channels has a morning 'countryside' show where live pictures from throughout the country are being brought into the homes of nature craving, Czech early risers. Thus inner peace for the rest of the day is achieved by watching the smooth curves of the obedient czech hills who don't dare to go much over the 1000m psychological barrier.

Wonderful, isn't it? Too wonderful one may think. So a bunch of vandal-telecom-geeks decided to blow a heavy punch below the waistline into the morning peacefullness of your average Honza. They basically added the ultimate mushroom to the czech landscape. Yep you got it by now, here it is:

And the original news piece, here


razhore said...

E destul de veche faza dar foarte interesanta ideea totusi.