October 9, 2006

Praha - Praga - Prag - Prague

Hello again :)

It's been a while since i blogged and this is a good occasion to start this good habit again.

It's almost a week since I arrived to the Czech Republic, Prague to be more precise, as you probably noticed in the entry title. Haven't had Internet access from home so I'm 'abusing' the brand new computer I have at work* on my first day at Monster , world's biggest job site

Getting here was quite adventurous as I took Atlassib for the trip which is the WORST thing u can travel with. Last year I also used it, was bad but not as bad as this time, so I'm never gonna use it again. Anyway, there were all these 'damaged' people travelling to Prague drinking in all the stations and wearing deodorant 'au naturel'. After a few hours and during the breaks of the air conditioning you don't wanna know how the 'breeze' blew.

So after being 6h late and being thoroughly sedated by the gases in the bus I was pleasantly surprised to see that Dragos, a Romanian trainee from Galati, stoically waited for me for all those 6hours.

Then I got to my current place which is quite a nice apartment, fully equipped and very large (around 100 sqm for 2 rooms and a living room). So it's very good to accomodate potential visitors :p

The second day I visited the town for a bit, got a pass for public transport and I got a Czech phone number from Vodafone CZ. For anyone interested my nr. is +420 776 310 541.