September 8, 2005

Mariza, simply increivel!!!

I can barely find the words to describe the extraordinary concert I attended last night when Mariza, the actual image of portuguese fado, performed live at Torre di Belem with the symphonic orchestra of Lisbon in open air. The atmosphere was incredible, not only the music was great but also the entire scenario. It rained for the second time since I'm here (and it's almost two months), but it was a really light rain, which added a special extra vibe to the twisting curves of fado music. Mariza has an amazing voice full of unimaginable strength considering she is so slim you fear she may bearly whisper, and she masters it so skillfully that she can turn in a second from the loudest cry to the faintest whisper creating sharp strinking vibes. A diffuse longing accompanies the intense grief and sometimes happiness transcending from her music that would stir up even the most petrified of souls.
As you cand probably see, I was deeply touched. But you have to see the live event in order to feel the same. No recorded reproduction can match the actual 'being there'...